Day 14: Yassas (Goodbye), Greece!

We wanted to make the most of our last day in Greece so after several days in Athens


and even more at our favorite place, the island of Aegina,


we took our final day to explore some of mainland Greece, specifically the Peloponnesian peninsula.

We got up early (well, by college student standards) and hopped on our bus and promptly fell right back asleep. Seconds later, our tour guide, Faye, rudely awakened us and told us to get off the bus and go out into the cold rain and enjoy ourselves.

We had arrived at the Corinthian Canal – one of the four great canals in the world (can you name the other three?).  Naturally we hesitated because we have become quite used to sunny, 60 degree weather,  but Dr. Simmerman shamed us into following him off the bus (was the man really wearing shorts today?) where we found surely the bluest water of the four canals.


Our next stop was the ancient city of Corinth where Paul wrote all those famous letters and was tried by the Romans.  Lisa made us pose (in the rain) in front of yet another temple (with yet another dog) because this was the oldest temple in Greece – so old that there is some disagreement as to whether it was for Apollo or Hera but Faye sided with Hera.

Back on the bus (where it was not raining – did I mention we have gotten used to nice weather?) to Mycenae.  First stop was at a beehive tomb – the Greek version of a pyramid – and inside it did indeed look like a beehive.  Then we drove just up the rode to an ancient hilltop in Mycenae with more graves (still in the round but outside this time), more ruins, and more beautiful views.

Finally the management let us eat!  At a lovely restaurant called Kolizeras where the sun came out and a rainbow appeared and Faye said we could pick oranges from the orchard nearby.


Before heading home, we made one last stop in the beautiful town of Nafplio where they feature medieval castles (three of them) and really nice shops. Most of the group climbed the 999 stairs to the top of one of the castles while the smart students went for coffee.


Back on to the bus and back to sleep for the trip back to Backpackers Hotel.

We will miss you, fair Greece!




Day 13: Exceeding What Is Expected!

IMG_1270.jpgToday we got the opportunity to sort through goods that have been donated for the Refugees that make their way to the shores of Greece. Above is the warehouse used to store all of the items. Once used in the 2004 Summer Olympics this large auditorium is housing thousands of items.


Boxes and boxes of donations to help those fleeing from destruction and  social pressure.



Some of the volunteers help sort through the endless clothes. Taking the phrase “I Am A Volunteer” to the next level.

IMG_1579.JPGDevan O’Bryan and Blake Boyd helping load goods to be taken to some in need.


And a happy birthday to Jordan Lundquist. Happy 21st chief!

Day 12 – The Acropolis

Today was our first full day back in Athens. We woke up early to get ready and eat breakfast before meeting Faye for our tour of the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum. The Acropolis is the old city of Athens. There is a wall around the entire city and people were only allowed to enter or exit when the sun was up. Inside the museum there are a lot of statues and artifacts that have been uncovered while excavating the area.


This is a lego recreation of the Acropolis, this is a very accurate representation of what the Acropolis looked like. You can see the theatre, the temples and the market area.
Here is where musical and theatrical performances would take place.
Here you can see what is left of the Parthenon. Faye told us that she believes this will be worked on for the remainder of its existence to preserve it.


Goodbye Aegina :(

Today we said goodbye to our beloved island of Aegina. We had so much fun adventuring around town and learning more about the Greek culture the past week and a half. Although we were sad to leave, we are thankful for Aliki and Eleni for their hospitality. We sure will miss this beautiful place!



Blog 2.jpg

Blog 3

We took the 12 o’clock ferry back to Athens to spend the next couple days!

Blog 4.jpg

Once back in Athens we met our tour guide, Faye, who took us to Sounion to see the Temple of Poseidon.

Blog 5

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To end the night, Faye took us to dinner in a village on our way back to the hotel. As always, we ate a delicious meal and left with full stomachs.

Blog 10.jpg



Day 10: The Trail

Today, we spent the morning and afternoon doing some trail maintenance. We hiked the trails of Aegina and cleared out the pathway for other future Aegina hikers. We hit the trails around 10am and didn’t get back until almost 3pm! It was a fun day full of adventure and amazing views!IMG_1093IMG_1112


We ran into an unexpected guest who was not happy that we were on his trail


We stopped for lunch at the ancient olive groveIMG_1114IMG_1110IMG_1115

Sunday funday… or more like lazy day

I’m pretty sure no one was up before 10 today. The hike yesterday wore everyone out, and we were grateful for a day with no plans. While most of the crew stayed at the Drury Center working on class work or exploring shops close to home base, myself and a few others ventured out to Marathonos beach. This beach was about a 6 minute taxi ride, a 15 minute bike ride, or an hour walk. In the last 48 hours we’ve done all three. The beach was wider than expected, and the water was calm but chilly. The boys were determined to get in, and that they did. They enjoyed throwing the football around, while the girls sat back and watched the sunset from the beach towels. Looking forward to more activities  tomorrow!