Temple of Aphaea and Philippos Olive Oil

Yesterday, all of the MBAers went off on a trip to the Temple of Aphaea, despite the rain.


We also toured Philippos Olive Oil bottling company in Aigina. Mr. Philippos exports classic, extra virgin, organic, and delicate olive oil across many countries in Europe and in California.


Fraport Greece and the Acropolis

We went to visit Fraport Greece. Fraport is a German based airport management company tasked with the privatization of 14 Greek airports. In April 2017, Fraport won the bidding for this project and is beginning the much needed renovations and additions to the airports to be completed by the end of 2020. Their primary goal, besides making a profit, is to bring all of the wonderful aspects of Greece and making these aspects more accessible to tourists. This, in turn, will give back to the Greek people to try and help rejuvenate their economy.
Later, the group went to go see the Acropolis museum and the Parthenon, built as a temple for the goddess Athena. The Parthenon was built around 500 BC and the Greeks have done a great job of preserving the ancient grounds.

Yesterday we all went to visit Apivita, a natural skin and hair care products producer located outside of Athens. We had the opportunity to listen to a presentation made by the passionate HR director, Mr Panos Fillipis. After the presentation we all were able to take a tour of Apivita’s facilities which included bee hives, olive trees, a herb garden, production facility, quality control and a biochemistry lab. 

The next business we visited is named Coco-Mat. Coco-Mat produces high end mattresses made from all natural products found in Greece. 

– Drury MBA 

Kalimera from Athens 

Upon arriving in Athens we were greeted by Parliment guards, a parade of people wearing traditional garmets from their respected areas of Greece, and a marching band. After, we enjoyed lunch in the nearby botanical gardens. 

I will continue to update all of you blog viewers out there on our experiences in Greece throughout the week. 

-Drury MBA 


We made it to London.  Although we are all exhausted we wanted to see the city so it started with a trip on the London Underground (Tube).img_1353

Followed by a stop at a Pub (for lunch).


We then broke up into groups and explored the city.  img_1413

I am sure everyone will have lots of pictures to share.  We are now at the airport ready to head back to Chicago.  If all goes well we will be in Springfield 3:11 PM Sunday.  We all have had a great time, but we are certainly excited to get home.

-Dr. Simmerman

Our Last Full Day in Greece! Day 13

Time has flown! It feels like only yesterday we stepped onto Greek soil but today was our last day of adventure before we start the journey back home across the pond. We couldn’t have ended in a higher place! Literally! Today’s adventure consisted of the famous Greek Parthenon! 16010636_10211953691383353_172951430_oThe first thing our tour guide, Faye, did was show us the layers of Athens. She explained how each subway (metro) station had to be excavated first since everywhere they tried to build a station, they would find artifacts. Since there was so many, most metro stations also display exhibits of what was found at that site during construction. In the picture you can see the remains of an ancient sewer system from around 500 b.c.e. 16010407_10211953705663710_1511956909_oNext we toured the Parthenon Museum which told the story of the Parthenon’s rich history. Additionally, the museum also expanded on the progression of Greek sculpting from their Egyptian origins to the dynamic-yet-ideal posing statues found on the Parthenon’s pediment (long/short triangle on top of the columns). Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take pictures for most of the museum. 16106477_10211953706503731_1159653976_oLastly, we explored the ruins of the Athenian Acropolis itself! The Parthenon itself was gated off for cleaning (the marble is vulnerable to a local parasite in the air that tarnishes the marble to black) but the view from the summit was phenomenal. We had a 360 degree view of Athens, a city housing half of the countries population, and we could see every house and shop. The city kept sprawling in all directions. (You can see the Parthenon museum in the bottom of the picture.) 16106108_10211953769785313_1848074893_oWe felt like we were on top of the world!
Fun Fact of the trip: The Parthenon housed history’s first ever Art Gallery.

Evan W. Johnson

Tour Time! Day 12

Today was a full day of sightseeing the old and new cities of Greece. Our day started off with a bus ride to the Corinth Canal with a neat starting point for our day! 

 Treasury of Arteus, the best preserved example of a tholos tomb, was the next stop on our tour. This place was constructed and used around 1250 BC and was built on an enourmous scale, as you can see in the picture of the entrance to the tomb. 

But the outdoor adventure didn’t stop there, next we went up to the rest of the Mycane, which is known as the main center of the Mycanean world. This place was filled up various ruins that are known to be tholos tombs, grave circles, houses, and workshops. The climb was definitely worth the view this afternoon as well! 

Once we finished our sightseeing, we had worked up quite an appetite and went to a place called Kolizeras that had some fantastic chicken slouvaki and warm homemade apple pie. 

Our next stop was the scenic town of Nafplio. Our tour guide showed us around the city steeets then we were set free to do some exploring of our own. While some of us continued the theme of adventure through hiking to the remains of a castle, others of us took advantage of a new shopping expedition. Overall everyone had a great experience with the town and it’s great gelato! 

After a full day of seeing some more of Greece, we cannot wait to see what is in store for us on our last full day here before leaving for London! 

 -Kaelie Smith