Day 7: Epiphany and Mt. Oros

Bright and early this morning, another small group of us went back to the soup kitchen to volunteer. We did some more cleaning that was really needed. For their thanks, they fed us some cookies afterward.


26231728_10100873171648909_3336368428580161700_nWhen we returned from the soup kitchen, we went down to the waterfront to watch the Epiphany celebrations. Epiphany is one of the largest holidays in the Greek Orthodox religion. This event was where the priest, while chanting their prayers, threw a cross into the ocean three times. After the third time, area men would jump in after it in hopes of winning good luck.

IMG_7443Our next journey was to conquer Mt. Oros, the tallest peak in Aegina. Some made the long walk from the city to the mountain, while others biked or took a taxi.

IMG_7444Eventually, though, we all made it to the top and got to ring the bell. The view was incredible, and we were all thankful we made the long trek up!




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