Day 4: Cultural Outreach

Day 4 was packed full of activities involving the local community here in Aegina! To start off the morning, Kerri, McKenna, Molly, Arianna, and Katherine were the first group to volunteer at the soup kitchen. The girls helped chop vegetables for bean soup, wash the dishes, and clean out cabinets. To show their appreciation, the owners prepared traditional Greek coffee for us!souppotsgirlscoffee

Next, the whole group visited the Panagitsa Church and met Father Constantine! We learned about the history of Greek Orthodox and Catholicism, as well as the different architectural features of the church. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, but now serves as a priest here on the island!


After meeting with Father Constantine, we paired up with local school children and played a few games of kickball and soccer! We had a blast teaching them the game of kickball as well as helping them with their English, and they got to show us their soccer skills!



We had the best day and can’t wait for our next adventure!


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