Our Last Full Day in Greece! Day 13

Time has flown! It feels like only yesterday we stepped onto Greek soil but today was our last day of adventure before we start the journey back home across the pond. We couldn’t have ended in a higher place! Literally! Today’s adventure consisted of the famous Greek Parthenon! 16010636_10211953691383353_172951430_oThe first thing our tour guide, Faye, did was show us the layers of Athens. She explained how each subway (metro) station had to be excavated first since everywhere they tried to build a station, they would find artifacts. Since there was so many, most metro stations also display exhibits of what was found at that site during construction. In the picture you can see the remains of an ancient sewer system from around 500 b.c.e. 16010407_10211953705663710_1511956909_oNext we toured the Parthenon Museum which told the story of the Parthenon’s rich history. Additionally, the museum also expanded on the progression of Greek sculpting from their Egyptian origins to the dynamic-yet-ideal posing statues found on the Parthenon’s pediment (long/short triangle on top of the columns). Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take pictures for most of the museum. 16106477_10211953706503731_1159653976_oLastly, we explored the ruins of the Athenian Acropolis itself! The Parthenon itself was gated off for cleaning (the marble is vulnerable to a local parasite in the air that tarnishes the marble to black) but the view from the summit was phenomenal. We had a 360 degree view of Athens, a city housing half of the countries population, and we could see every house and shop. The city kept sprawling in all directions. (You can see the Parthenon museum in the bottom of the picture.) 16106108_10211953769785313_1848074893_oWe felt like we were on top of the world!
Fun Fact of the trip: The Parthenon housed history’s first ever Art Gallery.

Evan W. Johnson


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