Last Day in Aegina!

Today was our last day on the island, and unfortunately it was an extremely cold one. However, this did not stop us from exploring the last landmarks the island had in store for us. 

Our first stop was a local church (temple) where we received a brilliant history lesson on the ideology and origins of the Greek Orthodox Church. 

Father Constantine (left), born in St. Louis, led the history lesson in a larger-than-life fashion. It was truly a privilege to receive such a once in a lifetime lecture. We were all humbled by this experience and found ourselves more engaged than we had anticipated. 

Next, we walked over to the Aegina Volunteer Center where we took on multiple tasks to help out the community. We split into groups and engaged in multiple activities including; pouring olive oil, sorting shoes, moving donation items to be transported via truck, and boxing glass products.

After that, we took turns in groups of six to travel to the Sanctuary of Aphaia on Aegina.

Worship on this sanctuary’s grounds date back to around 1300 BC. The sanctuary lies above the headland of Ayua Marina on a hill offering a panoramic view over the sea. 

Standing on the grounds of ancient worship was truly life changing. All around us was history dating back to Before Christ. We were able to touch Greek structures you have only seen in cinema.

With a full day of history and volunteering behind us, it is now time to pack up and prepare ourselves for an 8:45AM ferry back to Athens. Aegina has been so good to us (despite the cold), and the experiences it provided us will always be cherished.

– Matt Fry


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