The Mountain- Day 7

Saturday Jan. 7th, 2017

Today was a cold day. As we awoke, we were greeted with a sprinkle of snowfall, an occurrence that has not happened in Aegina in 15 years. The locals, all bundled up in their winter gear, began making snowmen on the hoods of their cars. Despite the potential driving hazard this could cause, the entire town was awe of this rare site.


Two of our fellow companions have traveled to Rome for the weekend, leaving the rest of us 10 in the winter wonderland that is Aegina. I would like to say that we all just sat around in our pajamas, sipping hot chocolate, nestled warmly by the fire.. but then I would be lying. Despite the blistering cold, the group decided to brave the blistering cold… and climb a mountain.


Mount Oros to be exact.

As the afternoon began, we started our trek across the hillside.


So we walked.



Then we stopped.. at an old Byzantine Church that was built over a temple dedicated to Zeus. We took a little breather as we bore our first casualty. (RIP Abbey’s Patagonia)


Then we walked some more.


And some more.


Oh look, we’re still walking.


 Hours of climbing and thousands of steps later we made it to the top of Mount Oros. Our shoes may have been muddied, but our spirits were not broken. We could have sat inside all day and done nothing, but we decided to make the most of this rare, snowy day. As a result, I think we all appreciate the beauty of this island all the more and I am thankful that I got to experience this adventure with such wonderful people.

-Josiah Klassen


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