Aegina- Day Four

We started the morning off with doing some community service. We built a garden to help feed those in need. We started the garden from scratch. First we made rows for the plants to be planted. img_3701Then we planted the seeds. We planted onions, lettuce, and spinach.


Below is the finished garden.img_3710

After we finished the garden, we went to the beach to view the site before having class today. For class today, we went on a scavenger hunt around the shops to find ingredients for Dr. Simmerman to cook a traditional Greek meal for us tomorrow. img_3719

We had the rest of the day off. Some of us rented bikes and biked around the island. We biked to Mt. Oros and climbed to the top to see the temple. The temple is at the top of the highest point in Aegina. It was difficult but definitely worth it! The view was breathtaking.




We had a full day but are looking forward to tomorrow!

-Hunter Stohlmeyer


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