Post trip update

Alright everyone, this will likely be my last post for the MBA trip. I’m gearing up for the national bowling tournament in Reno, Nevada and all I can think about is how I hope my body adjusts quickly to the time. It’s been much harder to readjust to American time zones than it was to originally adjust to the Greek time. Oh well.

I’m missing the food and really craving some saganaki. I also really want a pork gyro. I’m too scared to get one in America because I feel like it would just not be anywhere near as good and I don’t want to eat a disappointing gyro.

I’m also prepping for the case study that I’ll be writing with my teammates. I’m trying to figure out the best way to go at it. Here’s hoping it goes smoothly.

Alrighty folks. For the final time, Deuces Mooses!



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