Here we are, America!

Alright guys. This will be the last update from me for the collective group. We are sitting in the Philadelphia airport and I will be parting ways with the others as I am off to San Francisco for a short visit.

We made it safely and relatively painlessly into the U.S. All of us are pretty tired and were getting pretty hungry after the 10 hour flight from Athens. We were discussing, though, that we couldn’t have had a better or smoother trip. Drs. Sronce and Holmes were awesome, and the trip would have been nothing without Eleni. She was the superstar of this trip and we cannot thank her enough for all of her kindness and support throughout the whole process.

Anyway, we’re about to head to our final destinations for the trip so I’ll leave this alone for a little while. I’ll update with how I feel in a couple days after having to adjust back to American time, style, and culture.

Until next time, Deuces Mooses!



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