Boatin’, Floatin’, and Goatin’

Hey everyone!

I’m sitting in the Drury Center in Aegina, Greece taking full advantage of the wifi so that I can update this blog. Yesterday was a fun day. We started the day off with some ancient history with a visit to Colonna, which is an ancient city on the island. The name Colonna comes from the one column left standing atop the ruins. Our tour guide, Maria, had a lot of great information about Colonna and why things were constructed the way that they were. She painted a picture in our minds of what the ancient city once looked like. It was incredible!


After our short history lesson, we traveled to the worksite of Phillipos Hellenic Goods where we saw the how the company receives, stores, bottles, and distributes its main product, olive oil. It was a very interesting process.


Then we broke for lunch and had our first gyros, which have since become a must have for us because they are delicious!

Our last event for the day was a boat trip to a couple of different coves and then to a different island where we took part in a bayside BBQ! The boat ride was amazing and the swim was a once in a lifetime experience. We swam through a small cave and tried sea urchin, which was…well…not as bad as I had originally thought it would be.




IMG_0198.JPGThen we went to a different beach where we were able to take a small little hike and visit with some peacocks. Following our little wildlife adventure we arrived at our final destination where we visited with their animals, including a dog who just had puppies and a goat who is about to have some babies and had a phenomenal BBQ dinner prepared by our captain and his family. The goat was friendly with virtually everyone and was a lot of fun to watch and interact with. We were all more than satisfied with the meal and wished we were hungry enough to eat more.

I think we were all in agreement that we couldn’t have had a better final full day in Aegina!

IMG_0204.JPGAnyway, today is a free day for us until we head back to Athens for our farewell dinner.

Catch y’all later!

Deuces Mooses!



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