Short Update

Hey guys!

The wifi here on Aegina is kinda shotty so I’m just going to give a quick update about what’s been happening. I’ll post a blog of our visit to the winery as soon as I can get near some decent wifi. BT-Dubs, it was awesome. But more on that to come later. 

We also made it to the BEAUTIFUL island of Aegina. It’s amazing that there are places like this in the world. We grabbed an oceanside dinner and just hung out at a nice lounge and had a grand ol’ time. 

Today we heard from one of the founders of Cool Projects. She had some really cool information about being a new company in a struggling economy. Then we went to the temple of Aphaia and learned about some Greek mythology and took in some amazing views. 

After we grabbed lunch up the mountain and had some delicious grub. Then a handful of us went to beach and had a sensationally sandy time.

Also, Larry had trouble getting into the changing station so Corinna and Jenny made a makeshift tent for him 🙃

Now it’s off to cocktails with some locals then dinner!

Deuces Mooses!



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