Yassoo (Hello) everyone!

It’s been a pretty great first day here in Greece. We’re finally getting ready to hit the hay after a long and strenuous 30+ hours. When we arrived in Greece we weren’t able to check into our rooms so we went to the Acropolis museum instead where we met our wonderful tour guides (both named Eleni, which makes it easy) and had a lunch that far surpassed our oh so delicious plane food. The museum had a lot of really great stuff full of fun facts and amazing sculptures.IMG_0061.JPG.jpeg
After the museum we went back to the hotel to check in and get our relaxation on. When we were done relaxing, we went back to the Acropolis and actually toured the Parthenon. It was huge and amazing and old and stuff! It left me in awe. The views from the top of the hill were breathtaking as well.

We decided to try to book it back down the hill when it started sprinkling because a good portion of the way down was marble. Marble + Water = Not much fun to walk on. Luckily for us, though, the rain didn’t last for long and we were finally on our way to eat.

The food we had was amazing! We had a lot of different vegetable-based appetizers to sample and then went back to the kitchen to choose our main courses. Most of us couldn’t even finish those, though, because the appetizers filled us up. And on top of that, they gave us dessert before we left! Perhaps the best part, though, was the complimentary wine that we drank. I’m no vino, but I know what I like and that wine was it!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us. We’ll be visiting a cosmetics company and a shipyard as part of our international business experience. Stay tuned for updates.


Until next time, Deuces Mooses!




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