T Minus 23 Hours!

So in just under 23 hours, we’ll be boarding our flight from SGF to Chicago! I finally got around to packing last night but my suitcase is still open for the things that I inevitably forgot to put in there last night. 

Note all the snacks I have in there for the way back. I have even more in my carry on.

I always tend to pack more than I should because I don’t want to be unprepared, but I feel like this time I have an excuse because I’m spending the week after in California with my family. 

Since I’m flying elsewhere at the end of our Greek experience, I had to book my fights separately from the group. But because of this, I was put on a different flight out of Springfield than everyone else.  After a couple of weeks of stressing out that I would have less than an hour of leeway to make the connecting flight in Chicago, I decided I should probably try to get on the same flight from SGF as everyone else. After a long and somewhat painful phone call I was finally able to secure a seat on the 7:41 am flight to Chicago with my friends.

Well that’s it for now. Here’s to getting no sleep tonight and popping all the Dramamine, Melatonin, and NyQuil on our flights tomorrow!
Deuces Mooses!



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